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Emily Powers

Emily Powers is a Canadian playwright and screenwriter living in Los Angeles. She has won the Robertson Davies Playwriting Award twice. Her writing has been published with Acta Victoriana, Hart House Literary, The Goose, The Humming, Rinky Dink Press, and Demeter Press.

She loves pesto sauce and springtime. 


Tinsel Town Bartleby

Award-winning One Act Comedy

In the mail room of a Hollywood Agency, an intern is instructed to throw all fan mail in the trash. Instead, she begins to read them and each letter unfolds into a comedic monologue.


Award-winning One Act Drama

Four years after the death of his sister, Diana, Hyatt finds a collection of video clips of a young Kate, her first love. Hyatt gets in contact with Kate, hoping to learn more about his sister. Past relationships are exposed and Hyatt has to come to terms with his sister’s queerness. Lines between the characters get blurry and merge as they learn how to (or forget how to) navigate youth, loss, and memory.

Sunday Night at Jane’s

Debuts January 2021- Two Act Comedy

A woman invites her exes over to a dinner party and then never shows up.

Film and Television

Fire Starter

Half-Hour Comedy Pilot

After taking the blame for starting a forest fire, a middle-aged park ranger gets demoted to a camp counselor at an overnight camp run by teenagers. 

We Should Talk

Horror Feature

To celebrate their high school graduation, a group of friends volunteer at a small town farm that unbeknownst to them is the home of a transcendentalist cult.

The Way We Want

Drama Feature

A one-hit-wonder drunken novelist comes out of retirement to teach a class at a community college.


The Names We Give Ourselves

The Humming Magazine- Poetry Publication

Wa Ho

The Goose- Short Story Publication

A Love Letter To Annie Dillard

Acta Victoriana- Poetry Publication


Demeter Press- Poetry Publication

Stars and Rust

Rinky Dink Press- Poetry Chapbook Publication

Selected Reviews

Emily Powers has an incredible voice. It shines through in her commitment to her craft, and dedication to the representation of the LGBTQA+ community. Although, she is a highly diversified writer, it is clear that her true passion lies in playwriting. In her plays, she is utilizing exciting narrative devices, such as the inclusion of her slam poetry, that offers a new perspective into stage writing. 

Elizabeth Saunders, Theatre Professional

Emily Powers’s poems are very original in the suggestiveness of their images and statements and in your way of connecting impressions by feeling, leaving logic and narrative in the background, although not absent. The poem only gradually reveals its secret, which is somewhat radical: the portrait of a series of moments in the sensibility of the speaker, experienced by her as significantly unified but whose unity is almost intangible and is certainly unsayable. I greatly admire her poems.

Al Moritz, Poet Laureate of Toronto

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